Branding for Bloggers


Client: Allworth Press/NYICD
Project: Branding for Bloggers Book Design
Location: New York, NY
Date: 2014



Allworth Press, an imprint of Skyhorse publishing, partnered with the New York Institute of Career Development (now the New York Institute of Art and Design) to create a fun, illustrative, and informative book about online branding for creative professionals. The book, by author Zach Heller, called Branding for Bloggers is a do-it-yourself roadmap for the creative individual to turn a hobby into an artistic entrepreneurship.


The book cover which features the color palette of the school is a simple, modern, and typographically based design geared to catch the eye of the viewer. The interior pages retain the existing color scheme, and feature toned images, and graphics to enhance and illustrate the text. A slideshow effect carries over to combine images in details of framed colorful collages. Case studies that a placed in key areas in the book are highlighted with alternating background colors adding the the colorful effect that the book powerfully displays.


The end result is a bold, informative, and playful printed piece that proves to be an asset to the creative professional who is looking to bring sell their work online.


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