Conservative Leadership Conference


Client: Conservative Leadership Conference
Project: Conference Booklet
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Date: Summer 2011


The Conservative Leadership Conference (CLC) is an annual conference of conservative minded speakers and guests to meet and discuss ideas in the wake of fall elections.  In 2011, the CLC needed a document to hand out at the conference in Las Vegas that listed the conference agenda, schedule, and guest speakers.



Trying to steer away from the cliche patriotic American theme used in the past versions of the conference. The cover was made to reflect the state of Nevada using the things they have the most of; sunlight and mountains. With the emblem of the state flag in the glare of the setting sun, the visual speaks to the heart of the local Nevadan.


In addition to the sponsor advertisements, the speaker listing and the agenda is provided to conference attendees. The mountain range theme is continued in the background and the color scheme is continued in the type, keeping the requested theme throughout.

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