Holiday Inn


Client: Holiday Inn/Sign Management Consultants
Project: Worldwide Signage Project
Location: Nashville, TN
Date: 2007-2010


In 2006, Holiday Inn changed it’s logo.  In the following three years,  an incredible replacement process occurred as every existing Holiday Inn, Holiday Inn & Suites, Holiday Inn Express, Holiday Inn Express & Suites,  and Holiday Inn Resort had its signs removed and replaced with new signage reflecting the new change in identity for all the hotels.



Working with a large sign management firm, I was in charge of studying survey information from existing sites, recommending sign replacement based on hotel needs, city codes, and aesthetic appearance for thousands of hotels in and outside of the United States. Including the precise photo-imaging, to scale, for engineering reference. Also recommending and imaging for new sites based on architectural drawings. In addition to recommendations, I was responsible for the design of countless custom sign monuments, directional signs, and alternate signage depending on each sites specific needs.


Stationery Design

While I was not responsible for the initial logo design or the design of the signs sign family from conception, I was however in charge of maintaining and adapting standards for the project throughout the course of the installations as site specific problems arose, as well as, coming up with graphic solutions including designing the formula used for the refacing of all existing signage cabinets that were not to be removed. The project was completed in 2010 and signs that I recommended and designed along with a team of designers and engineers can be seen in every state and in major countries around the globe.

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