Client: Distiller Films/Sequitur Cinema
Project: Kin Movie Poster
Location: New York, New York
Date: 2013


Distiller Films is an independent film company based out of Queens, New York that aims to create original projects unique to the American experience. Sequitur Cinema is a collective of NY-based artists focusing on film.  The two companies needed a set of posters for their collaborative short film, Kin, which was an official selection at the 2013 Nitehawk Shorts Festival. I was contacted to design the poster set for the film.




Based on input from the director and the producer, the film was inspired by French New Wave. The design was hoped to be reminiscent of the old French film posters. Using a similar layout to vintage posters, the design is heavily simplified and heavily emphasized thin typeface produces an elegant, dramatic emotional response.


The end result is a delightfully simple set of matching posters which retain the desired look and feel, offer a minimal layout which emphasizes the film title and the lead characters. The client was incredibly happy with the posters, and not soon after, I was contacted to help out on another project.

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