Rush Bicycle Messengers


Client: Rush Bicycle Messengers
Project: Logo Design, Branding, Web Development
Location: Nashville, TN
Date: 2013



In 2013, Dave Thienel started a bicycle messenger business in Nashville, TN called Rush Bicycle Messengers. To start, he needed a logo, an established brand, a website, and several other pieces of collateral. I was hired to design the logo and help build the website.



The logo needed to be simple, bright, loud, and recognizable at a distance. The website needed to function as a landing page to schedule a delivery, a zoning map to see pricing, a partners page, and a blog. The thought process behind the logo is reminiscent of a sticker that might appear on a package that needs priority delivery. The type is offset to insinuate motion,. The box is offset to align the type vertically. A hot red was decided upon as the color to further coincide with the priority theme.



The logo can be applied as red over white, white over red, or white over black when necessary, in instances such as a store window decal. The logo along with the red and grayscale color scheme was applied to numerous items of collateral from business cards to websites to cycling jerseys. How was it successful? Rush Bicycle Messengers is a going strong with a heavily established brand and a recognizable symbol in the Nashville community.

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